“Andre is a testament to human potential.”

* Dr. Faghfoury – Andre’s Morquio Specialist

“You don’t have to be a full-sized person to be a hero. You just have to have a full-sized heart.”

* Lou Arruda – Andre’s Father

“He is a good example of a truism in comedy which is the thing which you are most vulnerable to… that’s your secret weapon.”

* Andrew Clark – Director of Humber College Comedy Program

“Don’t assume that just because someone has these physical challenges that they don’t have many gifts to give.”

* Dr. Fehlings – Andre’s Neurosurgeon

“He was always like, no way.     I don’t have these disadvantages. I can do what you do.”

* Mark Arruda – Andre’s Brother

“He was the one you needed to watch out for when you babysat.”

* Nancy DeMarco Arruda – Andre’s Cousin

“What does make him a hero is the affect that he has on others.”

* Jana Abrams – Andre’s Agent

“You should look at Dre and think, ‘wow, if that guy can do it, then I need to just pull my finger out of my ass’.”

* Marilla Wex – Friend/Comedian